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Services Included in Each Package
HDR (high dynamic range) photography
Wide angle lens
Shoot at low ISO to minimize image noise (graininess)
Straightening tools to ensure you have straight horizons
Fix distortions
Color and brightness enhancements
Apply lens corrections
Edit scenery and landscape colors
Add blue skies to enhance image
One twilight photo
VrTours3D offers a full-service marketing tool for real estate agents worldwide. We offer competitive pricing and real estate agents can defer payment until the completion of a successful sale. We work with vetted local photographers who use our specific guidelines for each property listing.
Beautiful Twilight Photos That Will Dazzle Your Property ListingA virtual twilight photo portrays the home in a dusk setting. Our state-of-the-art editing can turn any normal, daytime photo into a beautiful twilight shot to emulate the magic of sunset lighting. Our expert graphic designers use software to turn dull grey skies into spectacular orange, lavender, pink skies that you see during golden hour.
Exterior Photos
Blue SkiesGrey skies look dull and lifeless. When marketing your property listings, a grey sky will look depressing, therefore we want to make sure we showcase your property listings in the best possible light. Our team of expert graphic designers will edit and turn grey skies into realistic, blue skies. Blue skies will give potential buyers a warm and optimistic feeling when looking for a property.
Green GrassHaving curb appeal will provide an outstanding first impression for buyers when they look at property photos. Creating a visually appealing front yard with green grass will add value and portray a home that has been well maintained and cared for.
Replace LandscapingReplacing lifeless trees with lush, green trees creates a more vibrant image. Green trees contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the property. They add color, textures, and depth to the landscape, making the outdoor area look more attractive in property photos.
Interior Photos
Window EnhancementsWindow enhancements showcase the natural scenery in a property. It provides a glimpse into the surrounding environment or landscape that you’ll see when looking out the window of a property. We can feature the properties surrounding views such as beach, lake, garden, cityscape, and natural landscapes. Clear, bright windows create an aesthetic appeal and helps to showcase a property’s natural light.
Color and Brightness EnhancementsEnhancing color and brightness in your property photos can significantly improve their visual appeal and effectiveness in marketing. Bright and vibrant images will grab the attention of potential buyers more effectively than dull and colorless images.