If you’re looking for an innovative, cost-effective remote visit experience, you’ve come to the right place. XploreSpace turns existing spaces into virtual 3D tours and provides interested parties with an immersive birds-eye view of the selected location.
How it helps
Of the countless uses for this powerful tool, perhaps the biggest advantage is its ability to showcase properties in the residential real estate sector. Using XploreSpace, it is possible to view a 3D version of a property in real-time without setting foot on the premises.

This remote viewing option saves time when buying/selling property, and makes it easy to host no-contact, COVID-compliant open houses virtually.
We go beyond residential real estate – XploreSpace is optimized for large-scale spaces, including commercial buildings and outdoor scenes. It can also be utilized to promote tourist attractions, schools, and other locations when an in-person visit is not possible or practical.

No matter what your scope of work is, you can rest assured that XploreSpace will generate unbroken and beautiful models that blow the competition out of the water.