Thanks to breakthroughs in VR technology and the powerful AI algorithms of DesignSpace, creating breathtaking interior design models for your existing spaces is now easier and more affordable than ever before.
How it helps
With our user-friendly app, you can decorate an entire home without doing any manual work. That’s because our innovative, state-of-the-art algorithm does everything for you.

DesignSpace creates cost-effective home staging visualizations and virtual model homes in minutes, giving you the flexibility to showcase multiple designs for one floorplan and cutting costs by thousands in the process.
In addition to interior designing for residential real estate, this is also an effective tool for office space leasing, event staging, and exhibition set-up.

If you have an existing space that you need to decorate or design on a budget, DesignSpace can make that happen with the click of a button, saving you countless hours, reducing your overall project budget, and keeping even your most demanding clients happy.